The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan

This plan was launched today and acts as a ‘routemap’ to show us how we as a country can reduce the carbon from our everyday lives; in our homes and through the transport we use. Internationally, it is hoped this determined plan will help to show other countries that we are preparing to make ambitious targets in Copenhagen. This is the most comprehensive reponse to climate change of any major developed economy – is it enough? Are these schemes strong enough to achieve the targets for 2020 outlined below?

By 2020:

  • More than 1.2 million people will be in green jobs
  • More than 1.5 million households will be supported to produce their own clean energy
  • Around 40% of electricity will be from low carbon sources, from renewables, nuclear and clean coal
  • We will be importing 20-30% less gas than we otherwise would
  • The average new car will emit 40% less carbon than now.

We encourage you to read the full report from the Department of Energy and Climate Change and to watch the video featuring Ed Miliband and his official announcement and let us know your views.

Was the intention for the UK low carbon transition plan to be published on the same day as the low carbon transport strategy, low carbon industrial strategy, and UK renewable strategy to demonstrate a ‘joined up’ approach, or each Department wanting its own document ? Whatever the reason the resulting page count is impressive – 661 pages of strategy, not including the supporting analysis reports.

Fortunately one of SWM members, the Carbon Trust, have produced some excellent summary briefings, which you can download from this page and in 19 pages tells you what you need to know.


The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan (pdf)
Carbon Trust Reduction Strategy for transport (pdf)
Carbon Trust briefing on low carbon industrial strategy (pdf)
Carbon Trust briefing on low carbon transition plan 2009 (pdf)
Carbon Trust briefing on UK renewable energy strategy (pdf)