Thrive at Work, Wellbeing in the Workplace

Thrive at Work is a workplace commitment with criteria and guidelines on creating a workplace that promotes employee health and wellbeing, focusing on key organisational enablers such as health and safety, manager training etc. in addition to health areas such as mental, musculoskeletal and physical health and promoting healthy lifestyles. It will include a supporting toolkit of available local and national resources, policies and services that would support implementation of the commitment and intervention uptake by employees
by making it clearer and easier for them to raise awareness and take action to improve employee health and wellbeing. The toolkit will include a health needs assessment template which employers can apply to their organisation at their discretion to determine which areas of Thrive at Work are most pertinent to them.

Thrive at Work will be made accessible to employers and employees via a PDF and also an interactive, mobile-friendly website. There will be login areas for employers to create an account, access resources and update progress on the Thrive at Work Commitment. They can also choose to receive materials (such as prompts, reminders, progress updates etc.) on a regular basis via the website or e-mail. Behavioural change will be built in to these materials to encourage awareness and action. Network meetings in some of the trial groups will also facilitate learning and change.

Organisations that achieve at least the universal offer (Bronze) on the Thrive at Work Commitment will receive the Thrive at Work Wellbeing Award.

Thrive at Work is designed in recognition that one size does not fit all and although it specifies criteria and guidelines, and supports and nudges organisations to implement change, it allows flexibility in the way that businesses implement the guidelines and decide how best to allocate resource to meeting the criteria.

Evidence suggests that organisations can see a financial benefit from investing in employee health and wellbeing through reduced
sickness absence, staff turnover, and improved productivity and job satisfaction.

All organisations taking part in the study will receive the Thrive at Work Commitment, which is a health and wellbeing commitment for employers. They will also receive a supporting toolkit to assist them in making positive changes to the health and wellbeing offer to their employees.

All organisations will also have the chance to receive a Thrive at Work Wellbeing Award and be celebrated at an awards ceremony, if they achieve

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