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Transitions for Sustainable Futures research seminar series from Birmingham City University

Property, Planning and Policies Research Group + Urban Cultures Research Cluster – Research Seminar Series

Activism, agency and urban transformations

14 June 2023 (11-12pm) on Teams
  • Tim Wickson, University College LondonOpportunities for whom? Displacement pressures and resistances down the Old Kent Road
  • Dr Carolina Pacchi, Politecnico di Milano, ItalyCivic activism and agency in urban transformations

Green and blue spaces

21 June 2023 (11-12pm) on Teams
  • Dr Raul Marino, Rosario University (Colombia): Transition towards water sensitive cities in Colombia: Public space adaptations to climate change
  • Dr Liza Griffin, University College LondonCo-Creating a Healthy Parks Framework

Transport and liveable neighbourhoods

5 July 2023 (11-12pm) on Teams
  • Dr Cara Mazetti Claassen, Islington City CouncilThinking about liveable neighbourhoods through the lens of ambivalent togetherness
  • Dr Daniel Oviedo, University College LondonPerceived liveability, transport, and mental health: a story of overlying inequalities

Community renewable energy

12 July 2023 (11-12pm) on Teams
  • Dr Rebecca Windemer, RegenHow communities could be involved in the repowering of onshore renewables
  • Dr Beck Collins, Sustainability West MidlandsThe View from Inside Community Energy: Truly Engaged and Truly Hard

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