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Transport decarbonisation: local authority toolkit – Department for Transport

The toolkit provides advice to local authorities on actions they can take to reduce transport carbon emissions.

In the Transport decarbonisation plan the Department for Transport (DfT) recognised the role local areas and regions have in reducing emissions from transport. One of the ways they committed to support this was by publishing a toolkit for local authorities. The purpose of this toolkit is to provide advice to local authorities on planning and taking measures to reduce carbon emissions from transport by:
  • highlighting the benefits of different interventions
  • setting out the actions local authorities can take to reduce carbon emissions
  • sharing best practice and lessons learnt from case studies of successful schemes already delivering local benefits
  • signposting local authorities to other published guidance and methodologies
Help for local authorities on electric vehicle charging infrastructure has also been published.


The toolkit has been developed in partnership with Energy Saving Trust. For further queries, contact LAToolkit@est.org.uk.

Click here to access the toolkit.

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