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Veolia Research – 61% of Senior Management yet to set Carbon Targets

The latest research by Veolia has uncovered the fact that 61% of senior management individuals have not set out targets to reduce carbon emissions, despite the fact that carbon savings invariably also mean cost savings for the business. What was also surprising from the study was the large quantity of those who had sustainability high on their agenda and had high spending on energy (which can be reduced through carbon saving measures).  Businesses will be required to report their CO2 emissions from next year so it’s more important than ever that these emissions are brought down. Veolia take the stance that actions should be more than simply retrofitting LED lighting but also taking a business-wide approach (by having carbon targets and implementing large-scale reduction methods). This is not only to save money for the business but also to play their part in Corporate Responsibility. For more resources from Veolia, click here.

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