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Volunteering opportunity: Waste Savvy Staffs campaign


Waste Savvy Staffs is a new campaign to encourage residents to reduce, reuse and recycle more. To reach as many people as possible Staffordshire County Council are looking for the help of volunteers to spread the message and encourage local communities to waste less. Staffordshire County Council in partnership with Garden Organic is inviting volunteers to learn more about waste and recycling at one of their training events.


Free waste reduction training that also includes composting, food waste and reduce/reuse/recycle:

  • Ongoing volunteer support and local network of like-minded volunteers.
  • Spread the waste reduction message in your local community.
  • Volunteers generally undertake around 30 hours of volunteering each year.

Volunteers will be provided with free training on recycling, food waste reduction and composting in particular, but will also be made aware of other sustainable waste schemes like repair cafes. They will also be working towards setting up community fridges in the county to encourage the sharing of unwanted or surplus food and drink.

Volunteers do not need to have had any prior experience of waste or public engagement, the only requirements are that individuals live in, or near, Staffordshire, are comfortable talking to people and are passionate about supporting their community to reduce the impact that poorly disposed of waste has on our environment.

Further information

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