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West Midlands at COP26: SWM showcase of low carbon innovation

On Friday 05 March SWM submitted our Expression of Interest (EoI) to attend COP26 in Glasgow in November. Our EoI sets out how we will provide an exciting showcase of cross-sector organisations, each highlighting innovative low carbon solutions to benefit all of the COP26 presidency themes:

  • Adaptation & Resilience – to help communities adapt to, and prepare for, the worst impacts of climate change. 
  • Nature – to safeguard and restore natural habitats and ecosystems to preserve the planet’s biodiversity.
  •  Energy transitions – to accelerate the clean energy transition by encouraging the use of cheaper renewables and storage.
  •  Clean transport – to clean our air by speeding up the global transition to zero emission vehicles.
  •  Finance – to encourage our financial systems to be cleaner to unlock growth and create green jobs. 
  •  Cities and the Built Environment
SWM will have a constant presence throughout COP26, and each day we will partner with one or more of our members and stakeholders to illustrate low carbon innovationThis includes our partner organisation

the Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands with whom we work on a broad range of activities to drive up levels of demand-led low carbon business innovation across the region, by delivering a stronger, more integrated innovation support and providing targeted support to business to access more national public and private sector innovation funding We are committed to collaborating with partners across the West Midlands to demonstrate our unrivalled technological and industrial strengths that support the UK’s advance to a zero carbon future. Our event will be promoted alongside others as part of the WM@COP26: Home of the Green Industrial Revolution programme coordinated by the West Midlands Combined Authority. Download ‘West Midlands at COP26: A year of action in the Home of the Green Industrial Revolution‘ here.

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