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West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) update

As part of our support programme we have been busy providing policy advice and engaging with stakeholders. Our Board is acting as the sustainability advisory body for the WMCA as it develops its new strategy. We have published our latest progress report and discussion by our Board this month. Last week we started our annual benchmark of all local authorities in the region to update the low carbon evidence base of the WMCA and wider West Midlands and inform the Super Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) and delivery programmes. This is the fifth time we’ve carried out the benchmark and the exercise will result in a workshop with stakeholders in early May to identify good practice that can be scaled up and supported by the WMCA. We’ll also produce a report to confirm the priorities and evidence base for SEP cross-LEP delivery, and identify programmes that deliver productivity goals as well as wider sustainability targets of carbon reduction and decreased health inequality.

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