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West Midlands: Fit for the Future?

This new book was published by the West Midlands Regional Observatory at the end of July. It is written by ten different authors, with each author giving their personal view on how the West Midlands can best place itself in readiness for the economic recovery. A very interesting chapter for us is one of the final chapters entitled ‘Sustainability and recovery: digging the West Midlands out of recession’ by Roger Levett (Levett-Therivel sustainability consultants). This chapter suggests to the reader that a ‘deeper and broader idea of sustainability than just carbon reduction can hold the key to a surer and better kind of recovery’ – an idea we strongly agree with. The chapter goes on to explore how ‘nothing is more fundamental to human wellbeing than food.’ We encourage you to read this book which is hoping to stimulate debate, promote discussion and influence policy on the future growth of the region and this chapter will definitely do this! Have you read this book or this chapter? What are your thoughts?  

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