West Midlands: Helping Businesses go Greener

A new Business Support team will be working with local businesses to encourage more sustainable commuting. Funded by the West Midlands Combined Authority and Defra, The team will be meeting with employers and employees to discuss how they travel to work. The aim is to develop simple travel plans to help employees leave the car at home. The team can offer a range of support to help businesses promote cycling, car sharing and public transport to their workforce.

Support can come in variety of guises, such as cycle training and bike safety, route planning, car sharing schemes, corporate travel schemes and travel taster tickets. They can also offer advice on the benefits of implementing agile working practices.
Getting people to make sustainable commuting choices can have huge benefits not just on the wellbeing of individuals but on the environment. It is also positive for businesses as they can save money and improve efficiency. The Business Support team is part of the wider Sustainable Travel team, promoting Wildlife Ways, a £16.8m programme which is part-funded by the ERDF.

Want to find out how they can support your business?

Contact the Sustainable Travel Team at Solihull Council 0121 704 6665 or sustainabletravelteam@solihull.gov.uk