West Midlands Highways Authorities sign Low Carbon Concordat

Members of the West Midlands Highway Alliance (WMHA) launched a concordat on 30 September that aims to deliver the agreed 20% target in the use of low warmed asphalt.

John Polychronakis, Low Carbon Champion Chief Executive and IEWM Board Member, and Councillor John Smith, Worcestershire Council’s Cabinet Member responsible for highways publicly signed the concordat among the colleagues from the WMHA to emphasise their pledge to the cause.

According to the agreement, all West Midlands Highways Authorities are committed to reducing CO2 emissions working in partnership with WMHA’s private sector suppliers. WMHA’s first priority will be to reduce their CO2 emissions used in the production of road and footway materials by 20% by 2015.

Keith Gordon, Assistant Director for Efficiency and Procurement said: “The launch of the Low Carbon Concordat has the unanimous support for all 14 Highway Authorities within the West Midlands. Since inception in 2007, the West Midlands Highways Alliance (WMHA) has delivered over £20 million efficiency savings together with significant service improvements. The Concordat is a further illustration that the WMHA continues to provide a valuable network supporting colleagues, delivering real benefits regionally and is regarded nationally as one of the leading highway networks for practitioners.”


For more information please contact Keith Gordon at kgordon@westmidlandsiep.gov.uk.