West Midlands On The Move

The West Midlands Combined Authority have released a new document called West Midlands On The Move, the document sets out objectives and actions to improve the quality of life for everyone who lives and works within the West Midlands. The Framework has been developed with local authorities, Public Health England and the Country Sports Partnership.

This has been created due to one third of adults within within the WMCA area are currently inactive, spending less than thirty minutes per week on physical activity. The estimated cost for the region is £147 million each year due to inactivity.

However inactivity it is not always a choice, with inequality within the region being a barrier to many minorities including: females, disabled, socio economic groups, the elderly, black and ethnic communities.

West Midlands on the move focuses on making more people physically active whilst helping to achieve goals for the economy. There is some emphasis on cycling and walking with the West Midlands cycling charter aiming to create an extensive, safe and coherent network of off and on road travel links. The West Midlands cycle share scheme should encourage greater use of the physical infrastructure and there is a possibility of a free bike scheme and cycle training for beginners.

Increased cycling and walking has a positive environmental effect as 41% of journeys within the UK are under two miles with 36% of them currently completed by car, if theses are done through walking or cycling there will be lower levels of air pollution, CO2 emissions and less congestion. There are also huge health benefits through increased physical activity with a reduce risk of dementia by up to 30%, CV disease by up to 35%, type two diabetes by up to 40% and reduced risk of breast cancer by up to 20% just to name a few.

West Midlands On The Move Document