West Midlands organisations to take more than 50 actions to root out regional health inequalities

A recent report by the West Midlands Combined Authority in conjunction with public health officials, entitled ‘Health of the Region 2020: The regional health impact of Covid-19 on the West Midlands’, found there were entrenched health inequalities in the region, that had been both exposed and exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Findings from the report include:
    People living in the WMCA region have a shorter life expectancy than England overall, and spend more of their lives in poor health.
  • The rate of premature deaths from preventable causes is higher than the national average, as is the rate of infant mortality.
  • Most areas in the WMCA region have a greater level of socioeconomic deprivation than the national average, with approximately a quarter of children living in low income households. The report concluded that health inequality is linked to wealth inequality.

Organisations across the West Midlands have pledged to take more than 50 actions to help put an end to health inequalities in the region.

As well as the actions being taken locally, the report, makes several recommendations to Government including the need for a clear and comprehensive action plan setting out how it will work with local and regional partners to act on race disparities and associated risk factors.

For more information please click here, or read the full report here.