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We’ve mapped the UK’s Digital Energy Landscape

One hundred and eighty-four companies have been identified by Energy Systems Catapult in the first scoping the UK’s Digital Energy Landscape.

The fast-growing sector has businesses spanning digital platforms, services and physical assets – across residential, commercial, industrial and grid markets – and the Catapult is aiming to identify opportunities and gaps for innovators to capitalise on as the energy sector transforms in the coming years. The Catapult is calling on digital energy businesses to scrutinise the landscape, decide if they have been correctly classified or identified at all, and engage with the Catapult’s Innovator Support Platform to suggest any changes or omissions. Innovator Support Platform business lead, Paul Jordan, said: “The digitalisation of energy has the potential to rapidly transform the UK energy system. “Digitalisation is already beginning to improve the performance of existing assets and infrastructure; while services are emerging, driven by data, that may unlock value across the whole system. “We want to bring innovative companies together – to identify gaps in the market and synergies in their offerings – to deliver the integrated solutions that will benefit consumers “As a result we need clear visibility of the companies that are innovating in this space and the types of innovations that are emerging – so policy-makers, regulators, investors, and indeed innovators themselves, can remove barriers to energy system integration and drive the scale-up that will enable the UK to lead the world in energy system transformation.”

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