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Winter advice from Severn Trent

One of our members, Severn Trent, has published some advice to customers on how to protect the water pipes in their homes to prevent them from freezing when the temperatures drop. Check this out below: Water helps make winter wonder, from cosy warming cuppas, reviving showers to snuggly hot water bottles ready for bedtime. You may remember last winter was particularly cold, and when temperatures are low, water freezes and expands putting more pressure on your water pipes, causing them to split or joints to pull apart. In case it gets as cold again, here’s what you can do now to protect your water supply from the cold.

  • Wrap up or lag your water pipes (usually in lofts or garages);
  • Find out where your stop tap is and check it works in case your water pipes spilt or burst, so your supply can be turned off and;
  • Cover your out door tap, if you have one

You can order pipe lagging and tap guards from wonderfulontap.co.uk to help get your house winter ready and prevent your water pipes from freezing up, or you can find them in your local DIY store. We’re here to help: We’ve got different schemes that can help you with your bills and individual needs. Just let us know if you have a medical need for water, for example if someone in your household is on dialysis. Find out more at stwater.co.uk/priority Sign up to receive text alerts, so we can keep you updated if there is anything affecting your water supply, go online at stwater.co.uk/alerts or just text YES to 60267.

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