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WM-Air launches the Air Quality Lifecourse Assessment Tool (AQ-LAT)

Researchers at WM-Air, an initiative of the University of Birmingham, have now made available a free toolkit for assessing the health and economic impacts of air pollution in the West Midlands region. The Air Quality Lifecourse Assessment Tool (AQ-LAT) is designed to support local authority professionals and practitioners to appraise and evaluate the health and economic impacts of current and future air quality scenarios in the West Midlands region. The creation of the AQ-LAT was driven by requests from across local government for a robust and practical assessment tool which could be used by a range of stakeholders. The tool can be downloaded in an Excel spreadsheet format and is fully customisable allowing flexibility for a range of uses, including health impact assessment, business case development and policy evaluation. Outputs are provided in an accessible dashboard for end users to rapidly view results. The tool is supported by a user guide and further bespoke advice and user support is available from the WM-Air research team.

For more information and to download the tool, click here.

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