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Women in Sustainability – Survey

When COP26 [The UN Climate Change Conference 2021] convenes this Autumn, there will be a clear lack of representation of women in the leadership present. Only 22 of total global leaders are women, no women are in the top of the UK COP26 leadership team and only 20% of delegations at COP in 2019 were led by women, despite decades of calls and the creation of ‘gender action plans’.  With the notable exceptions of a few countries such as Rwanda and United Arab Emirates, there is very little evidence that women will be well represented in most COP26 delegations. Without women’s perspectives, the outputs from COP26 will be created by the very same mindset that created the problems in the first place. Therefore they are running the ‘Amplifying Women’s Voices’ survey now, ahead of COP26,  to capture the voices of women working right across all three pillars of sustainability (economic, social, and environmental), sharing, and amplifying their thoughts, experiences and insights at such a critical time. Take the survey here

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