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Worcestershire County Council are offering free specialist decarbonisation support for SMEs

Free specialist decarbonisation support to help identify where emission reductions could be achieved across your business considering energy, waste, transport and products and services. 

What is on offer?

Eligible businesses across Worcestershire can access free specialist decarbonisation support including:

  • Basic Decarbonisation Advice (1-4 hour/s)

Telephone consultation

  • Decarbonisation Review (12 hours)

Support for less complex projects to help identify opportunities to set your business on a path to decarbonisation 

  • Bespoke Review (up to 90 hours) 

Support for more complex or specialist decarbonisation projects that require feasibility, specification and project management or decarbonisation reviews of large sites

In addition to the advice, businesses receiving a minimum of 12 hours of support can automatically gain access to Worcestershire’s Decarbonisation Portal for 12 months, which allows businesses to measure their carbon footprint and generate clear, long-term decarbonisation plans.


Eligible applicants must be:

  • operating within Worcestershire and have a Worcestershire business address
  •  a small or medium size enterprise including limited businesses (SME, as described below)
  • a sole trader or partnership
  • trading over 12 months

And operating within:

  • manufacturing (incl science and medical, food and drink)
  • information technology (cyber security or digital)
  • business and professional services (this is restricted to business to business and non-brokerage services)
  • agri-technology 
  • construction
  • transport and logistics 
  • tourism 


  • has fewer than 250 employees;
  • has either (a) an annual turnover not exceeding €50 million or (b) an annual balance sheet total not exceeding €43 million
  • 25% or more of the capital or the voting rights are not owned by one enterprise, or jointly by several enterprises falling outside this definition of an SME

How to apply

To request an application form, or to speak to an advisor, please email businessdecarbonisation@worcestershire.gov.uk

Case study

Changing to LED lighting, programming machinery more effectively and investing in an electricity sub-meter are among some of the changes Vision Labs implemented after receiving a fully funded Decarbonisation review.

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More information

To request an application form, or to speak to an advisor, please email businessdecarbonisation@worcestershire.gov.uk

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