WRIInsights puts climate change in focus

In June this year the hottest temperature ever recorded, a gasp-inducing 129 degrees, was reached in Death Valley. In the past 12 months alone we have witnessed floods in Bangladesh and Nigeria, heat waves in Australia and typhoons in the Western Pacific. These examples of extreme weather are of course by no means isolated. In Britain we are becoming increasingly familiar with the devastation brought on by floods with 2012 being declared as the wettest on record.

 Inspired by these events and following on from their 2012 info graphic on extreme weather, WRIInsights has compiled a timeline which has been created to illustrate how extreme weather is affecting the planet; not just communities and livelihoods but also ecosystems and infrastructure.

This fascinating, interactive timeline collates detailed information on extreme weather globally over the last 12 months, as well as current research conducted on climate change which attributes a number of recent extreme weather events on human behaviour. The combination provides an intriguing insight into what the future could hold for humanity if more is not done to significantly reduce greenhouse gases and these trends are not reversed.


To see the timeline in full or to read more about extreme weather and climate change visit WRIInsights.