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‘Your Future Solihull’ campaign launches – Solihull Council

Your Future Solihull’ is the Council’s exciting new campaign to encapsulate everything related to climate change and sustainability. The campaign builds on the momentum of being ranked as one of the top performing UK local authorities when it comes to having a strong and robust climate action plan in place. ‘Your Future Solihull’ (YFS) is all about creating a vision for a prosperous low carbon future for the borough. With the ambitious target for Solihull to become a net zero emission borough now less than 20 years away, collective action is needed from everyone to help us make our low carbon vision a reality. The YFS programme will have a strong behavioural change focus. It will help residents and businesses make sustainable choices and better understand the environmental and financial benefits of a low carbon society. It’ll also champion the fantastic work that already takes place in the borough by enthusiastic school pupils, innovative businesses and dedicated residents who are taking climate action and living sustainably now. Part of the efforts to streamline and enhance the Council’s climate change content, a brand new website hub for Your Future Solihull has been created. The intuitive and well-presented hub will act as a one-stop shop for all the climate change and sustainability activity going on in Solihull. Focusing on key themes which cut across the climate change agenda, from transport and travel to waste and recycling, the site is designed to be engaging and informative. It’s also an area with practical tips for residents, opportunities for businesses and it will consolidate the Council’s key climate policies in one place. Taking its place in such a prominent position on the Council’s main homepage reaffirms tackling climate change is one of Solihull Council’s key priorities. Expect to see the YFS logo more often in the future and become a frequent part of the Council’s corporate communications. You may have already spotted it on the new waste disposal lorries for example. Councillor Ian Courts, Leader of Solihull Council said: “Our vision for the future of Solihull is to make sure we are one of the most sustainable, prosperous and inclusive regions in the country, helping to lead the fight against climate change. We see the transition to a low-carbon economy as a huge opportunity for the region when it comes to new jobs and growth. Our view is that pursuing net zero targets creates huge opportunity for financial well-being, rather than pitting environmental protection against economic growth. With the cost of living increasing, investing in renewable technologies and energy self-sufficiency has the potential to save us all money in the long term. “It’s an exciting time for climate action in Solihull, and there is so much good already taking place. However, in order to reach our ambitious target of becoming a net zero emission borough by 2041 we need your help. Together, we all need to adapt our lifestyles and behaviours wherever possible to live more sustainably, if we are to achieve our vision.” Councillor Andy Mackiewicz, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Climate Change, Planning and Housing said: “The launch of ‘Your Future Solihull’ comes at a pivotal moment on our journey towards net zero emissions. With Solihull at the forefront of the low-carbon transition and a key part of the wider ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ taking place in the West Midlands, we’ve got to capitalise on our position and deliver benefits for everyone. Minimizing our reliance on fossil fuels and reducing energy bills through retrofitting homes demonstrates our commitment to tackling the cost of living crisis that is affecting so many people. “Although our communications and engagement on climate change has already been highly commended by the independent organisation Climate Emergency UK, we’re always striving to improve and set new standards. Our aim is to ensure Solihull is one of the UK’s most accessible, informative and transparent local authorities when it comes to communicating our collective response to the climate crisis.” If you would like to learn more about what the Council’s is doing to combat climate change and create a more sustainable borough, sign up to receive updates.

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