Green Jobs

SWM is providing support to local authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) to co-ordinate and share good practice on how to set up and run a green business club and sources of support for businesses. More >


Funding opportunities

Sustainability West Midlands worked with the Energy Saving Trust and other partners to provide capacity building events and online guidance for financial decision makers, lawyers and other officers to improve awareness of the energy and cost-saving, income generation and other benefits of installing energy efficiency and renewable energy measures in existing buildings and the range of funding opportunities and providers for these projects. More >


Climate UK

SWM is a founder and key contributor of Climate UK and helps deliver part of the Climate UK work programme. More >


Community Strand of the West Midlands Low Carbon Economy Programme

As part of the West Midlands Local Authority Low Carbon Economy Programme, this project has provided direct advice, guidance and support to a selection of community-owned renewable energy projects and capacity building for a network of ‘mentors’ to support other similar projects and groups in future. This programme of bespoke support has been managed by Marches Energy Agency in partnership with Localise West Midlands. More >


STW Climate Adaptation Plans

SWM was asked by STW to use our networks and expertise to convene a workshop to extract the views attendees on what STW should consider and include in their future climate adaptation plans. More >


Fit for the Future?

This project looked to assess the commitments of all 39 LEPs in England to reducing carbon emissions, stimulating a low carbon economy and adapting to climate change. More >


Climate Ready

The Climate Ready initiative, co-run by Defra and the Environment Agency, provided online advice, guidance and tailored sector support to help organisations adapt to a changing climate. More >