Climate UK Review of adaptation tools

Climate UK has agreed to appoint SWM to deliver this project to provide a grounded review of the range and variety of adaptation toolkits available within the UK, and to gather together around the National Adaptation Programme (NAP) themes the great deal of useful policy material and case studies that have been produced by the UK Climate Partnerships, to ensure that delivery of advice and training can draw on relevant local examples.  The project will also seek to build the capacity of Climate UK and selected regional Environment Agency staff to provide advice and guidance on the application of a recommended toolkit or suite of toolkits.

Climate UK’s role includes coordinating and supporting integrated, sustainable and effective responses to the risks and opportunities presented by climate change. As part of this role, Climate UK appointed Sustainability West Midlands to conduct a review of adaptation tools available within the UK and compile a catalogue of available policy documents and case studies completed by the 12 adaptation partnerships over the last 10 years around the UK.

Review of adaptation tools

The review of adaptation tools has focused on the following:

  • Tools that are suitable for Climate UK’s main local customers such as local authorities, small to medium businesses, and other similar public and voluntary sector organisations.
  • Tools with an interactive element, e.g. questionnaires, spreadsheets or other tools that generate outputs based on data input by the user; or provide guidance through a process, e.g. a document or web pages designed to support the user through a process of awareness raising, assessing impacts or identifying adaptive responses;
  • Resource packs, e.g. presentations and or exercises to use for raising awareness of climate/extreme weather impacts and the need for adaptive responses.

Each tool selected is summarised within the report with strengths, limitations and advice on how and when to use. The research findings and conclusions should also help the future focus on the awareness and use of these existing tools rather than the creation of new ones.

The final report is available to download from this page.

Climate UK will be working with partners to help deliver this awareness and improved signposting to appropriate existing tools.

Catalogue of policy documents

The catalogue has focused on reports and case studies from each of the 12 climate change partnerships across the UK, produced from 2003 onwards. The catalogue of over 200 documents is presented in a spreadsheet and is organised according to the National Adaptation Programme themes:

  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Built environment
  • Infrastructure
  • Business and services
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Natural environment
  • Local government

Climate UK will be working with partners to help regularly update this catalogue and eventually move to an interactive online version as part of the future Climate UK website. In the meantime the latest report and spreadsheet is available to download from this page.

Stage 2

SWM are currently beginning stage 2 of the project to develop and disseminate the review of tools material and update and maintain the catalogue of policy documents.

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