Climate UK


Climate UK is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company and a national network of twelve climate change partnerships in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The role of Climate UK is to facilitate a bottom up, nationwide response to climate change by bringing together knowledge and technical expertise from every part of the UK to tackle the challenges and opportunities we face – a national response that reflects local circumstances, local risks and local opportunities. We help to bridge the gap between national Government policy on climate change and the hundreds of public, private, voluntary and community organisations that are committed to taking action. We support the implementation of national policy whilst understanding the realities and constraints of delivering action on the ground.

The role of SWM

SWM is a founder of Climate UK. The other founding bodies are Climate South East, Climate North East, Climate South West, Climate North West, Sustainability East, Your Climate, London Climate Change Partnership. Set up support was provided by the Environment Agency and Defra.

Climate UK is a Community Interest Company (CIC), similar to the not-for-profit structure of SWM. The organisation is run by a board of Directors and advisers provided by Climate UK founding members covering England and London.  The current chair is provided by Climate South East. The climate partnerships of the devolved nations of Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales also have observer status. Key supporters and funders such as the Environment Agency Climate Ready Service and Defra often attend to help with particular projects or topics.

SWM provides a director to the company and an adviser. We also help deliver part of the Climate UK work programme through the West Midlands Climate Adaptation Partnership as well as stand alone projects, such as the review of adaptation tools.

The benefits of Climate UK for the West Midlands

The advantage for SWM and the West Midlands in creating and supporting Climate UK is:

  • Funding – the ability to contract once nationally with national funders to deliver research, events, and training across the UK, including levering in resources for the West Midlands. To date this has included DECC, Defra, Environment Agency, Department of Transport, Department of Health, and NHS England.
  • Policy influence – the network to represent local views, expertise and experience from across the UK is highly valued by policy makers. By adding the West Midlands voice to others we have had more national influence. For example input and communication of the UK Climate Risk Assessment, the Adaptation Sub-Committee reviews, and planning and renewables policy.
  • Good Practice – the knowledge of the Climate UK directors, advisers, the partnerships and networks they represent are an incredible and unique resources to draw on. We are able to contribute to this and disseminate and learn from others.

Further Information

Please go to the Climate UK website. We have also attached a download of Climate UK national impact over the last few years. Other information will appear as an integrated part of our delivery programmes, through our monthly newsletters, events, news, and the work of the West Midlands Climate Adaptation Partnership.

For further information on Climate UK, please contact us at or on 0121 237 5890.


CUK Annual Report 2011-2014