Eco Business SME support programme

In partnership with Coventry University Enterprises (CUE), Sustainability West Midlands are promoting the Eco Business Support programme available to SMEs within the West Midlands.

The objective of Eco Business is to help businesses cut costs, identify new business opportunities and reduce waste. This is achieved via grant funding towards consultancy and implementation costs. The project works in three stages:

Stage 1: Initial application

An initial discussion identifying specific areas where the funding could provide assistance to the business.

Stage 2: Consultancy matching

2 days consultancy, up to 50% funded

Once the application is accepted, a consultant will work with your organisation and develop a fully tailored package of support.

Stage 3: In-depth consultancy support

4 days consultancy, up to 50% funded

When it is mutually agreed, a further 4 days of consultancy support can be provided following stage 2. There is also an option for selected businesses to participate in a case study which will be promoted across the region.

Implementation Grant

A grant of £2400 is available to companies to support the cost of implementing environmentally beneficial projects. i.e. reducing direct or indirect waste and energy.

For more information please visit the Eco Business website or contact Martin Kemp at CUE on 02476 158206 or