STW Climate Adaptation Plans


Cross-sector audience with a climate resilience background and stakeholders of Severn Trent Water.

Key Partner

Severn Trent Water

Project Duration

September 2014 – March 2015

Project Outline

SWM was asked by their member, Severn Trent Water (STW), to use our networks and expertise in climate resilience to convene a workshop that aimed to extract the views of attendees on what STW should consider and include in their future climate adaptation plans.  The workshop provided an overview of Severn Trent Water’s impressive actions to date, followed by an opportunity for stakeholders to influence their future climate resilience plan, in terms of identifying risks and opportunities to consider.  STW are obliged to report their progress on adaptation as part of the Adaptation Reporting Power.

SWM’s role was to bring a variety of stakeholders to the event, bring ideas forward using our expertise on climate resilience and, using our skills and independence, help to facilitate the workshop on the day.

Further information

View our website for more information about the workshop.

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