West Midlands Sustainable Development Officers Network


Sustainability West Midlands runs the West Midlands Sustainable Development Officers Network (WMSDON) as part of the Local Authority Low Carbon Economy Programme. WMSDON acts as a Learning Network to facilitate rapid dissemination of good practice and practical actions and to help focus learning around the themes and work strands of the Programme. This support consists of sending regular email updates and holding themed workshops. The Network is chaired by Liz Alston from Worcestershire County Council and overall is made up of sustainable development/climate change officers from the 33 local authorities. Coordination of the Network is provided by SWM.

The aim of the Network is to help local authorities in the West Midlands to achieve cost reductions, cost prevention and creation of green private and third sector jobs through the transition to a low carbon economy. The network also fulfils a peer support role through the discussion of pertinent policy issues, and through networking opportunities.


On 10 December 2010, the first SWM-supported WMSDON meeting was held.  Since then, we’ve held many workshops for local authorities which have included the following topics:

  • Successfully implemented renewable energy projects.
  • Carbon reduction reporting for organisations and community areas.
  • Influencing behavioural change.
  • Climate change adaptation.
  • Encouraging local food production.
  • Working with LEPs to develop the low carbon economy and jobs.
  • Encouraging uptake of work within communities on energy and resilience.
  • An introduction and updates to the Local Authority Low Carbon Economy Programme.
  • The results and best practice from the local authority benchmarking exercise.
  • Policy update on changes to the carbon reduction commitment, local carbon targets and local enterprise partnerships.

Further Information

Please have a look at our Events and News pages for any information and workshops coming up for local authorities, and do interrogate our Resources page to find any local authority related resources from SWM or elsewhere.

Wednesday 11 November 2015 – Fuel Poverty and Housing Workshop
Wednesday 20 January 2016 (TBC) – Energy Policy and Practice
Thursday 28 January 2016: Emergency planning and community resilience workshop

Also, check out this page to have a look through resources and presentations from previous WMSDON events that we have run.

If you would like more information about the Network or the programme please contact enquiries@swm.org.uk or call 0121 237 5890.


Local Authority Low Carbon Economy Benchmarking Review (pdf)
SWM presentation for 10Dec10 meeting (pdf)
Terms of reference (pdf)
Minutes for 10Dec10 meeting (pdf)
Agenda for WMSDON meeting 8 April 11 (pdf)
DECC update for meeting on 8 April (pdf)
Minutes for WMSDON meeting on 8 April 11 (pdf)
Presentation by Abigail Burridge, Local Government Group at WMSDON meeting 17 June 11 (pdf)
Minutes for WMSDON meeting on 17 June (pdf)
Presentations from the Climate Adaptation workshop on 13 September 11 (pdf)
Minutes for WMSDON meeting on 13 September (pdf)
Minutes for WMSDON meeting on 9 December (pdf)
Presentation on WMPA Low Carbon Delivery Plan – Jacky Lawrence (pdf)
Presentation on CRC update and round table CRC discussion – Keith Atkinson (pdf)
Presentation on CRC Compliance Audits – Andrew Greenall and Katie Bruton (pdf)
Presentation on Climate Local – Jess David (pdf)
Presentation on Environmental Management at Warwickshire County Council – Julie Burton (pdf)
Presentation on Shropshire Council Oil Boiler Replacement Programme – Rachel Strivens (pdf)
Presentations from the area emissions workshop on 9 Dec 2011 (pdf)
Introduction slides, SDON, 30.11.12 (pdf)
Climate Ready presentation, built environment and local gov, 30.11.12 (pdf)
Solihull MBC SDON presentation, 30.11.12 (pdf)
Worcestershire CC SDON presentation, 30.11.12 (pdf)
EA Climate Ready, Shelly Beckett’s presentation, 30.11.12 (pdf)
Staffordshire CC SDON presentation, 30.11.12 (pdf)
September 2013 Presentation (pdf)
LGA Resources Presentation (pdf)
Zurich Insurance Report: European Floods – Using Lessons Learned (pdf)
Presentations from meeting 10.01.14 (pdf)