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Public sector sustainable procurement to stimulate innovation & save costs

By 2020, all public sector bodies in the West Midlands will need to embed sustainable procurement good practice into their procurement processes. This is to ensure maximum economic, social and environmental benefits of contracting and purchasing goods. This priority is key amongst austerity cuts as the efficient use of remaining expenditure is crucial.

Part of the challenge of sustainable procurement within the public sector is that it is too broad. However when there is a clear focus on a particular area of spend, it can either save costs and carbon, or stimulate innovation and local jobs. Focus on this priority will also help to support other sustainability priorities. For example carbon will be reduced through the reduction in transport costs as organisations procure local staff and products. Jobs can be provided through ‘jobs and skills’ clauses and ‘forward commitments’ which encourage innovation to produce future products and services. Lessons can be learned from the private sector which shows that managing a long term relationship with your supply chain and using their expertise to innovate has proven successful.