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Infrastructure for diverting commercial & industrial waste from landfill

Municipal waste (household collections) recovered through reuse, recycling and for energy is over 68% across the West Midlands and increasing due to legislation and local authority policies. Municipal waste is only one part of the waste stream. Even after improved efficiency, commercial and industrial waste is forecast to rise from 7.1 million tonnes in 2010/2011 to 10.5 million tonnes in 2020/21 across the region. As a result there will be reduced reprocessing and recycling capacity, and therefore higher costs for business in disposal as the cost of landfill increases.

Addressing the growing commercial and industrial waste stream is where opportunity lies. If the West Midlands can attract and grow more recycling and reprocessing firms to deal with this challenge, it will create a range of jobs and skills whilst reducing existing business costs and attracting new investment.

There are also opportunities to develop new technology for deployment and export to link into decentralised energy networks.