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Innovate UK: CleanTech Investor Showcase Events

Lead Organisation

Carbon Limiting Technologies


Carbon Limiting Technologies Ltd (CLT) are running a series of events on behalf of Innovate UK over the next two years, supported by SWM. These events will bring clean tech innovators together with investors; giving innovators the chance to pitch for investment, and giving investors the chance to better understand the market opportunities and policy support for these innovations, and ultimately invest. These events are taking place around the UK, and will each focus on a different clean tech theme.


  • To run 18 events across the country on different clean tech themes, working with local partners.
  • To recruit a pool of innovators to apply to pitch at the events.
  • To recruit a number of different investment companies to attend each event.
  • To recruit a number of other stakeholders to attend each event, which can represent ‘the market’ for innovations under that theme.


The event on 29 March saw 15 innovators pitch to around 14 investors, with innovators presenting heat pumps and HVAC solutions, improved solar thermal technologies, insulation tape, energy efficiency assessment services, data analytics software, Passivhaus systems, and sensor technology amongst many others.


For further information on the project or to work with us in one of a variety of ways, please see our consultancy page or contact the SWM team on enquiries@swm.org.uk.

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