ASAN Wood Saints

Lead Organisation

EnTRESS – University of Wolverhampton (SWM Members)

Partners: University of Wolverhampton, ASAN Wood Saints


The aim of this project, with ASAN Wood Saints, was to improve the company’s manufacturing process with the identification of suitable laser cutting equipment to expand production capabilities and secondly, a review of the compressed air supply system to assess is fitness for purpose and design.  Key requirements for the company were installation advice and improving factors allowing for the expansion of the system as production increased.  An additional benefit EnTRESS provided was the opportunity to participate in a technology showcase event around waste management and treatment, held at Wolverhampton Science Park in March 2018.

Results and achievements

• EnTRESS successfully identified a small scale, low cost laser cutting equipment which would be able to expand production capabilities
• Advised on a new, more efficient compressed air supply distribution system to allow maximum air flow, expansion of production and maintain air tools at optimum conditions

Links and contact information

View the full EnTRESS Case Study – ASAN Wood Saints

The contact for this project is Matt Mellors – Project Manager,, 01902 321 871

Find out more about EnTRESS here.