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Lead Organisation

Sustainability West Midlands
Project Manager: Anna Bright (Chief Executive)


This project was commissioned by Greater Norwich Authorities, awarding Egnida the main contract, who then subcontracted part of the project to Sustainability West Midlands. The aim of the project was to deliver four high-level case studies explaining key projects from around the UK that have demonstrated the development of local energy infrastructure. This task involved reviewing strategies, journal reports and wider information to determine the necessary information and provide key recommendations for Greater Norwich.


  • Produce multiple high-level case studies, exploring local energy infrastructure from across the UK which face a series of challenges
  • Highlight common themes that appeared throughout the case studies that have been beneficial to each
  • Provide a list of key recommendations that will make the projects carried out by Greater Norwich Authorities successful.

Results and achievements

Since the inception of the project, Sustainability West Midlands has completed our role in the project and has delivered four detailed case studies which address the key areas outlined in the project brief. As well as this, we went above and beyond in producing a series of infographics for each case study, giving each a visual appeal as well as a detailed breakdown of the projects.

On top of producing these case studies, we further included a list of key recommendations for the Greater Norwich Authorities to have in mind when planning their own local energy infrastructure. The list was developed as a result of the research involved with and the execution of the case studies and includes common themes found throughout the successful projects we selected to report on.

“Sustainability West Midlands supported our project with the Greater Norwich authorities, which was investigating how to manage electricity grid constraints for new developments. The local authorities were keen to understand how these kind of issues had been approached by planning authorities in different parts of the country and SWM’s case studies were relevant, tailored and focussed on the authorities’ needs. We would happily work with SWM again in future.” –  

– Becky Hart, Principal Consultant, Egnida

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