Bilbrook Community Resilience Scheme

Lead Organisation

South Staffordshire Council


Bilbrook Community Resilience Scheme, Staffordshire.

Bilbrook faces several risks that affect its small community on a regular basis, in particular flooding, impacts on health in cold weather and biodiversity challenges.  South Staffordshire Council, along with many partners, worked with parish councillors and community representatives in Bilbrook to help improve the resilience of the parish by developing a Severe Weather Action Plan.  Many of these actions are now being taken forward, strengthening the community’s response ability, preparedness and instilling community cohesion.

What SWM likes

This project demonstrates partnership working at its core.  It was delivered with no financial budget and yet has provided tangible results in the face of extreme weather impacts in the area.  The community has also become empowered by working together to generate results.


Download the full Bilbrook case study.
Download the Severe Weather Plan that was produced for the area.