Birmingham Science City Low Carbon Working Group: 12 March 2014

Date of presentations

12 March 2014


Alan Carr, Sustainability West Midlands
Pam Waddell, Birmingham Science City
Katharine Fuller, Innovation Birmingham
Keith Budden, Eon and Chair of the LCWG

Purpose of the presentations

On 12 March 2014, SWM ran its first Birmingham Science City Low Carbon Working Group, where the aim was to focus on innovation and the development of low carbon projects with partners around the table.   Presentations were given by SWM, who outlined their role in the group and provided a summary of the main themes covered in the low carbon strand of the European Structural Investment Fund proposals for each LEP area.  Birmingham Science City did the same for the innovation strand.  Innovation Birmingham also presented on other funding sources, including Climate KIC and Horizon 2020.  There followed a workshop sessions to allow the group to discuss potential projects that could be developed under the following themes: 1) SME development and energy efficiency, 2) Smart technologies and 3) Transport.  Downloads to the outcomes of this workshop are available below.

Links and Contact Information

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