West Midlands Environmental Priorities Review

At the beginning of April 2010 the West Midlands Leaders Board (WMLB) and Advantage West Midlands (AWM), as the then regional responsible authorities, commissioned WYG Environment to provide a critical assessment of key environmental topics set out in the West Midlands Regional Spatial Strategy (WMRSS) and West Midlands Regional Economic Strategy (RES). More >


West Midlands Waste Landfill Diversion Strategy

The West Midlands RTAB commissioned SLR to undertake work on waste arising and waste treatment capacity, and a follow on study for Advantage West Midlands to develop an evidence base, leading to a Waste Infrastructure Development Programme. This work forecasted a future waste resource capacity gap of 3.7 million tonnes by 2021 within the region; equivalent to 250 million black bags of waste per year. The quality of waste infrastructure development required to deal with this waste equates to around 260 hectares of land take. More >


Improving Infrastructure: Wind Resource Study for the West Midlands Region

This study reviews wind energy as an economically viable resource for the West Midlands Region. It maps potential opportunities for development of wind turbines in the region, taking into consideration the key development constraints based on the current status of wind technology. It outlines how harnessing wind resource could be achieved in the West Midlands Region, the benefits to the region and also the limitations. More >


EnviroTRADE Directory WM 2009

This report represents a significant milestone in the development of Environmental Technologies in the West Midlands. Produced by the Environmental Technologies Cluster, it is a comprehensive directory of all its member companies. The report aims to lift the profile of the Environmental Technologies Cluster and serves as a guide to the different niches in this complex marketplace. More >


Evidence of Success: Low Carbon Regional Economic Strategy

In December 2007 Advantage West Midlands (AWM) produced on behalf of the West Midlands, a new Regional Economic Strategy: ‘Connecting to Success’. Hailed as a landmark strategy, ‘Connecting to Success’ has been formally recognised as the UK’s first low-carbon economic strategy and has established AWM as a leader amongst the regions. This summary document explains the process that AWM embarked upon with its partners to produce the UK’s first low-carbon economic strategy. More >


Low Carbon Evidence Base for the West Midlands Regional Economic Strategy

Advantage West Midlands (AWM) has commissioned a programme of work to underpin its work on producing the UK’s first low carbon Regional Economic Strategy. This programme included, among other work streams, the development of an evidence base to support the “low carbon” components of the new West Midlands Regional Economic Strategy (WMES) and an assessment of the impacts of climate change on the economy of the West Midlands. More >