London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games the legacy: Sustainable procurement for projects

The report highlights key instruction on the procurement of sustainable buildings and infrastructure. The Olympic Delivery Authority published their Sustainable Development Strategy a year after winning the bid for the games. It was intended to act as a catalyst for industry to deliver improvements in economic, social and environmental sustainability with the hope that these lessons would be spread across the UK. The report now looks to local authorities to deliver growth in a sustainable way using the framework highlighted in the report. More >


Obtaining Flood Insurance in High Risk Areas

If your property has suffered from flood damage in the past, if there is a history of flooding in your neighbourhood or you are within an identified flood risk area, it can sometimes be difficult to find insurance cover. This guide aims to provide in one place, information that will help you to obtain a suitable policy. It explains how to get specialist help and what information you may be asked to give. It also provides tips on how to reduce the impact of flooding. The final section of the guide provides useful information on key organisations, including their responsibilities and contact details. More >


West Midlands Regional Sustainable Development Indicators Factsheet

This factsheet contains details about the regional sustainable development indicators for the West Midlands, summarising the current position of the West Midlands, enabling comparisons to be made between regions and with progress nationally. The data was summarised from already published statistics, released in January 2007. The factsheet also includes pie charts that summarise the progress in indicators within the priority areas of (a) sustainable consumption and production and natural resources, and (b) sustainable communities. More >