Low Carbon Economy for the West Midlands – local authority profiles

The purpose of this report was to provide a summary analysis of the opportunities presented by the transition to a low carbon economy for each of the Tier 1 local authority geographical areas in the West Midlands, and the risks presented by rising fuel prices and carbon legislation, based on the current industrial profile of each area. More >


Understanding the West Midlands Carbon Gap

The report aims to help policy makers in the West Midlands understand how implementing the key international, national and regional policies will affect CO₂ emissions in the region. It outlines the scale of the challenge for the region to meet its targets by 2020 and how much of the reduction will need to be driven by regional policies. It critically examines the contribution individual strategies can make in closing the carbon gap and asks what the region needs to do above and beyond the existing policies to achieve the targets outlined by them. More >