Sustainability and Mental Health

An event with Public Health England outlining how the mental health care and environmental sustainability agendas are linked, including good practice, local and inspiring projects. More >


LEPs: Fit for the Future?

This project assessed the commitments of all 39 LEPs in England to reducing carbon emissions, stimulating a low carbon economy and adapting to climate change. The report provided a benchmark of each LEP against each of these three metrics and discussed geographical progression patterns. More >


Climate Resilient SME workshops

Using the Healthcheck to achieve resilience is simple and easy to use, and covers a broader range of considerations beyond risk solely from climate change and weather. More >


Birmingham Science City Partnership

As a result of this relationship, BSC not only has a physical resource to ensure that their successful ILCWG continues to flourish, but has also gained the wider expertise and knowledge from SWM’s endless database of contacts from the sustainability sector. More >


Climate Resilient Communities

Our Resilient Communities Conference allowed for a wide variety of audiences to come together to share good practice around developing community resilience schemes, the tools and support available to help and ask questions of experts in the room. More >


Health Networks

Through a combination of our evidence and vocal support from local health trusts and authorities, we set up the West Midlands Sustainability and Public Health and the West Midlands NHS Sustainability Networks. More >