Green Spaces Workshop

This Green Spaces workshop, run in partnership with Learning for Public Health West Midlands, was all about bringing together the multi-faceted benefits of green infrastructure. More >


Climate Resilient Communities Conference 2016

The Climate Resilient Communities Conference 2016 (#CRCC2016) brought together a variety of delegates from different backgrounds all of whom have an interest in protecting our most vulnerable communities from the impacts of extreme weather. More >


Encraft Seminar: Building Energy Performance

There is significant and growing evidence that buildings do not perform as anticipated at their project design stage. A number of variables during the design, construction, handover and actual operation of buildings affect building energy performance. This seminar examined some of those variables with a view to reducing the performance gap. More >


Severn Trent and SWM Climate Change Adaptation Workshop

This workshop highlighted the excellent work Severn Trent has already done to adapt to the impacts of extreme weather, and it also gave the opportunity for stakeholders to feed in their views on where and how Severn Trent should prioritise their next actions More >