Cities Outlook 2017

Date of the report

January 2017

Author of the report

Centre for Cities

Purpose of the report

Now in its tenth year, Cities Outlook provides the authoritative economic index of the 63 largest cities and towns in the UK. This year it focuses on exports as new international trade deals need to be agreed following the Brexit vote. It asks where cities export to globally, what they sell, and how much. The report includes maps, tables and infographics to present the data collected from the past few years. 
  • Cities Outlook 2017: Brexit, cities and a local government revolution
  • Where do UK cities export to? How cities trade with the world
  • City monitor: The latest data
To explore the data behind the report, visit Centre for Cities data tool. To get the key stats on your area, go to their website city by city page. For a quick introduction to the findings of the report see the webpage

What SWM likes

This report gives those working to improve the economies of our cities the tools and data needed to better understand specific needs at a local level. With insight into West Midlands cities such as Birmingham, Coventry, Stoke, and Telford, this report is essential given the launch of the West Midlands Combined Authority in April 2016 and the election of the West Midlands Mayor in May 2017.


Cities Outlook 2017