Climate change adaptation: practical examples for local authorities – 03/11/22


  • Liz Alston (Chair, Worcestershire County Council)
  • Nick Jackson (Defra)
  • Jim Davies (Environment Agency)
  • Rachel Toresen Owuor (Local Partnerships)
  • Matthew Ling (Cambridge City Council)
  • Aleksandar Bogdanov (Essex County Council)
  • Michele Vianello (Greater London Authority)
  • Matt Ellis (Environment Agency)
  • David Bennett (Kent County Council)

Outline of Event

This event provided a selection of examples of climate change adaptation action that is being led or influenced by local authorities. Councils from across England spoke about different projects that demonstrate what adaptation looks like in practice, and how working in partnership, utilisation of funding and integration with other council priorities can help get projects off the ground despite these logistical constraints.

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