Climate change – is the UK preparing for flooding and water scarcity?

Date of the report


Author of the report

Adaptation Sub-Committee

Purpose of the report

The Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC) has a statutory duty to report regularly to Parliament on the UK Government’s progress in delivering its adaptation programme. In their first two reports, ASC developed and piloted a toolkit to assess progress in preparing for climate change, including use of adaptation indicators. In this report the Adaptation Sub-Committee apply the toolkit at a national level to two of the largest risks to emerge from the UK’s first Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA): flooding and water scarcity.

Relevance to the region

Around one in seven properties (3.6 million homes and businesses) currently face some form of flood risk which is predicted to increase. Without action to prepare, this could lead to increasing costs and unnecessary damage and disruption.

What SWM liked

SWM like that this report identifies future challenges, whilst suggesting current solutions to government and local authorities.

Links and Contact information

For further information visit the Committee on Climate Change website.


Adaptation Sub-Committee Progress Report (pdf)

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