Constructing a path to 2030

Lead Organisation

Sustainability West Midlands
Project Manager: Alan Carr (Senior Sustainability Adviser)


SWM member Willmott Dixon commissioned us in February 2020 to help the development of its new Sustainability Strategy which is to be implemented this year and which is valid up to 2030.

Aims of the project

Willmott Dixon (WD) Midlands region has recently developed its new Sustainability Strategy which outlines 44 commitments that the organisation plans to implement over the next year so that it can become a leader in its field on sustainability by 2030. The organisation required support from SWM by:

  • Facilitating a workshop on 17 February 2020 for eleven WD staff who focus on sustainability to enable the generation of actions to fulfil these commitments.
  • Assigning these actions to the staff present to take forward.
  • Writing up the notes in a format conducive to application to the strategy.
  • Providing policy information and background outlining how WD’s activities fit with this context.
  • After the workshop, undertaking a final critical analysis of the revised strategy. This involved SWM providing recommendations on any gaps or misconceptions that, if addressed, would improve the likelihood of the strategy being successfully implemented.

Results and achievements

As a result of the workshop and SWM’s support, for each commitment in the Strategy we were able to identify:

  • What is needed to implement the commitments (including changes to processes, training requirements, buy in from other departments etc).
  • What is needed to be able to report on the commitments.
  • Roles and responsibilities within the team against each commitment to ensure delivery.
  • Timelines for implementation.

The workshop was structured such that the above information was agreed on the day and the subsequent review of the strategy provided by SWM ensured that all aspects covered at the workshop were mirrored in the strategy, along with any other suggestions from our independent perspective.

“Willmott Dixon has become aware of the strengths and capabilities of SWM through joining as members a couple of years ago. This is why we called on them to help us put together and facilitate a workshop to ensure that our staff could commit to delivering the relevant actions within our new Sustainable Development Strategy. SWM’s ability to convene a structured and action-oriented session will be crucial to enabling us to achieve the strategy’s ambitions. SWM also provided their own critical feedback on the draft strategy and their independent eye was hugely valued.” – James Willcox, Head of Sustainability (Midlands).

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