Decarbonising our energy system with hydrogen: briefing webinar – 10/5/22


Alan Carr (SWM Senior Sustainability Adviser) Helen Boyle (Cadent) James Cross (Motive Fuels) Faye McAnulla (Energy Research Accelerator)

Outline of Event

This webinar provided our stakeholders and members with an opportunity to learn more about developments in the  Midlands with regards to hydrogen energy. With hydrogen being seen as a key method of decarbonising our energy system, the session explored the projects and activities taking place in the region and how stakeholders can get involved in these. Cadent will provide an overview of its work in the region on hydrogen, and the Energy Research Accelerator will give an update on the exciting HyDEX project. We will also hear about the brilliant work going on at Birmingham’s hydrogen refuelling station.

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