Encraft Seminar: Building Energy Performance

Date of presentations

3 December 2015


  • Caroline Martin (WARM)
  • Ross Holleron (Zero Carbon Hub)
  • Steven Coulsting (Encraft)

Purpose of the presentations

There is significant and growing evidence that buildings do not perform as anticipated at their project design stage. A number of variables during the design, construction, handover and actual operation of buildings affect building energy performance. This seminar, through case studies, examined some of those variables with a view to reducing the performance gap. An introduction to the pioneering Innovate-UK funded I-LIFE project (insurance-backed warranty for whole life energy performance) was provided at this event.

Contact information

Please contact events@encraft.co.uk or 0121 237 5890 for more information.


To view and/or obtain a copy of these presentations, please contact enquiries@swm.org.uk.

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