Fit for the Future II

Date of the report

September 2017

Author of the reports


Supported by

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) West Midlands International Service (for comparison with UK and European cities research) All LEPs for their cooperation and provision of information

Purpose of the report

These reports are aimed at those working for or with Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), combined authorities and core cities at the local and national level to integrate climate adaptation, mitigation and the low carbon economy into the economic strategies and the billion pounds worth of investments over the next five years. The research represents the first national review of all combined authorities and core cities and the second national review of all 38 LEPs’ commitments to tackling climate change and embracing the low carbon economy, based on information from their latest key strategies and interviews with key individuals (the first review of LEPs undertaken by SWM, Fit for the Future I, can be found here). The reports contain good practice case studies, benchmarking tables, maps and recommendations to those working with LEPs, combined authorities and core cities.

Links and contact information.

Please contact SWM on 0121 237 5890 or at for more information. There was also a second national good practice event for LEPs, combined authorities and core cities working on climate change and the low carbon economy where the findings were discussed on 17 October 2017, Birmingham. This included policy updates from BEIS and good practice speakers from LEPs across the country.


Fit for the Future II – Local Enterprise Partnerships’ Climate Ready and Low Carbon Economy Good PracticeFit for the Future II – Combined Authorities and Core Cities Climate Ready and Low Carbon Economy Good PracticeResearch undertaken: August 2017Reports written: September 2017Published: January 2018

If any LEP or core city wishes to obtain a copy of its full score and reasons for its score, it can request a locked copy of the relevant tab in the spreadsheet we used to capture the findings. Please contact to initiate this. Combined authority detailed scoring is not currently available.

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