Futures Network West Midlands Manifesto

Date of the report

October 2014

Author of the report

Futures Network West Midlands

Purpose of the report

The manifesto sets out what FNWM believe is required and the part that public, private and voluntary sectors alike must play in making an improved future for all a reality. Their recommendations aim to put in place what is needed to develop and deliver shared policies and investment priorities for economic development, infrastructure, housing and environmental enhancement in the West Midlands – a strategic framework to be prepared by the region for the region. 

What SWM liked

SWM have been a long term Futures network supporter. We believe that the network has played a vital role in keeping the professional knowledge for spatial planning alive within the West Midlands during the 5 year gap of the closure of regional structures and the recreation in the form of a large combined authority or city region. This paper calls for a partnership approach to help improve the economic prosperity and sustainability of our region. This  is also one of our aims through our networks and member engagement we seek to demonstrate a collaborative approach is the best way forward.  The paper also focuses on many elements of our priorities, including the environment, jobs and energy and shows how the integration of these themes can lead to a more prosperous West Midlands.

Links and contact information

The FNWM – Manifesto download

Other detailed supporting papers can be found on FNWM’s website.