Globehuggers Emergency Supplies – Winners of the BITC Climate Business Resilience Award 2012


Business in the Community – Climate Business Resilience Award 2012


Globehuggers Emergency Supplies – Winner of BITC Climate Business Resilience Award 2012


Globehuggers Emergency Supplies


Globehuggers Emergency Suppliers specialise in products that help businesses and individuals plan for emergencies. Globehuggers started out as an eco company, championing wind up technologies and recycled products in an effort to slow down climate change. After a while it became clear that some of their products could be used in a practical way to actually deal with extreme weather conditions brought about by climate change. It was at that point that Globehuggers Emergency Supplies was born. Globehuggers helps businesses and organisations to ‘expect the best but plan for the worst’ as they attempt to deal with the impact of climate change. This entrepreneurial thinking led Globehuggers to win a prestigious BITC Climate Business Resilience Award in 2012.

The challenges

To help businesses to ‘expect the best but plan for the worst’ by supplying them with kits to prepare for emergencies brought on by extreme weather events.

The solutions 

  • Develop a range of kitted grab bags and flood kits that include wind up technology.
  • Research what an individual or organisation might need after extreme weather events such as a wind up torch/radio, foil blankets, ponchos, first aid, waterproof wallets, purification tablets and light sticks.
  • Keep up to date with information and recommendations by the Emergency Planning Society.
  • Produce specialised kits for individual needs.

The results

  • Grab bags and flood kits help to reduce health and safety risks to employees across the UK.
  • These kits reduce the impact of severe weather events on businesses, communities and individuals brought on by climate change.
  • In 2009 Globehuggers were able to supply East Lancashire Primary Care Trust with hundreds of instant sandbags that swell when they are submersed in water in order to deal with the potential flooding of hospitals. ¬†
  • As Globehuggers supply these kits, the business is also well equipped to deal with most emergencies that might arise on their own premises.
  • In 2009, Globehuggers were voted one of the ‘Top 5 Eco Businesses’ by HSBC Bank, Sky News and the Daily Express.
  • In 2011, Globehuggers supplied 700 flood kits to safeguard vulnerable people and in 2012, supplied the Environment Agency with community kits.


Learning points

No two emergencies are the same so forward planning is key to public and personal safety. By carefully researching the latest technology, Globehuggers Emergency Suppliers can address their consumers changing needs.

SWM comment

Globehuggers innovative thinking has helped them to make a vital contribution to businesses, organisations and communities suffering the impacts of extreme weather. By researching new technologies and threats, Globehuggers can help individuals get ready for the inevitable effects of climate change.


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