Good Practice in City Regions Developing the Low Carbon Economy

Date of the report

February 2010

Author of the report

Sustainability West Midlands

Purpose of the report

The purpose of this report is to identify good practice in City Regions in the UK and Europe in developing the low carbon economy.

This information is to be used to help the City Region and other groupings of unitary and county level authorities in the West Midlands region to inform the benchmarking of their performance against good practice.

This report was also used to inform the potential joint areas of action developed at the City Region Low Carbon Leadership Summit in January 2010 as part of the low carbon leadership programme for the region.

The rest of this report covers the approach, key findings, individual case studies, and a summary table of the success factors of developing a low carbon economy.

Relevance to the region

A number of city regions or local authorities were identified through awards, government designations and expert peer review from SWM members of associates. The case studies identified in this report can be built on and rolled out for the West Midlands, but there is a need to significantly accelerate progress.

Links and Contact information

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Good Practice in City Regions Developing the Low Carbon Economy (pdf)