Green Alliance – Green economy: a UK success story

Date of the report

August 2012

Author of the report

Green Alliance

Purpose of the report

The Green Alliance published this report to determine the benefits that come from creating a greener economy. This report states that it is now clear that we don’t need to wait for these benefits as the UK has moved and we are seeing the advantage. Green business has become a UK success story at home and abroad.

Relevance to the region

The evidence presented in this report should reassure businesses and organisations in the West Midlands that green business brings about with it a host of benefits for individuals and for the economy. With greater public recognition and stronger confidence green businesses can help secure a faster and more resilient economic recovery.

What SWM liked

It is pleasing to see that environmental and economic benefits are intertwined and that the return of investment in greening the economy is being felt across the country.

Links and Contact information

For further information, visit the Green Alliance Website


Green Economy: a UK success story (pdf)