Green game-changers – 50 innovations to inspire business transformation

Date of the report


Author of  the report

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Purpose of the report

As a part of WWF’s 50th anniversary, they have brought together 50 ‘Green game-changers’, a selection of inspirational examples from around the world on how businesses and entrepreneurs are turning environmental challenges as a catalyst for innovation.

Their new report shows innovative ways to reduce the use of raw materials, restore natural resources and upscale renewable energy. The purpose of this review is to highlight revolutionary innovations in business models, partnerships, policies, processes and products that can help to accelerate green growth.

In this report, they present new innovations and the lessons that can be taken from them. They demonstrate practices that could be scaled up across the private sector, and could lead to benefits in four critical areas:

  • Dematerialisation – business products, services or processes that dramatically cut the use of natural resources.
  • Restorative – innovations that relate to net positive environmental impacts and the restoration of biodiversity, forests, fresh water systems and marine environments.
  • Open loop – where one company’s waste is turned into another’s resource.
  • Renewable energy AND low carbon innovations are supportive of a move towards WWF’s call for 100% renewable energy future by 2050.


What SWM liked

We liked the collaborative structure of this report and is a great way of showcasing sustainable business solutions to the world’s pressing environmental challenges. This includes¬†examples from SWM business members Ricoh and International Synergies.


Links and contact information

For more details and to read the report in full visit the WWF website.